About Me

My name is Christopher Simpson, and I am a grad student. I am working toward a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at The University of Alabama.

I earned a bachelor's degree in aeronautics and astronautics engineering from Purdue University in May 2010. After graduating, I worked as an analyst for a healthcare staffing firm for three years. It sounds a bit absurd going from aerospace to healthcare, but those three years taught me more about myself than any school could ever teach. Real-world experience is something that can not be learned in a classroom.

I returned to school in Fall 2013, starting the M.S. program in aerospace engineering at The University of Alabama. During my course of study, I have learned many valuable skills related to CFD. I even interned at NASA Langley Research Center during Summer 2015. It was incredible to work among so many talented individuals. Those weeks were immensely eye-opening and confirmed that I belong in the aerospace industry. I completed my M.S. degree in Summer 2016, and I am currently in the Ph.D. program at The University of Alabama.

I love solving problems, and I love learning new things. Fortunately, there is no shortage of problems to solve in aerospace, and every day presents new learning opportunities.

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